5 Day Challenge | March 11 - 15

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out in the Beauty & Wellness Industry

Learn our simple, proven framework to position your beauty & wellness brand as a category leader so you can double your sales – without spending money on paid ads.
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Here's what you will LEARN + IMPLEMENT:

How to Attract Your Dream Customer

Define your customer pain point (or desire!) so that you can lean into a marketing strategy that makes it easier to pull in your ideal customer to your brand instead of screaming into the void that is otherwise known as the interwebs.

The Riches are in the niches

It’s time to stop being the brand that is everything to everyone (ie. nothing to no one). In Day 2 we workshop your unique brand category and how to leverage it to create a stronger brand presence and make more consistent sales.

6 Positioning shifts to uncover your beauty brand x-Factor

The biggest day of the challenge! Learn my 6 brand strategy shifts that will help you launch with momentum, grow with community and scale with brand loyalty. Discover how to hone in on what sets your beauty brand apart — and my favorite brand strategies to help catapult your brand to beauty industry stardom.

Hook the market with your hero product

Dominate the beauty arena—one product to propel your brand to new heights. Maximize your hero product to unlock retail doors and seize expansive opportunities—minus the endless inventory hassle.

Sell with story

Use story to create targeted hype and attention (the good kind) even if writing is not your strong suit. On Day 5, we will help identify your brand story hooks and how to leverage them to pull customers, press, and buyers in.

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March 11, 2024!

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I can let my product stand out for what it's purpose is and let it shine on its own.

“Biggest takeaway—we have many great branding points and ways to speak to our clients but we’ve cast our net too wide.

I learned that my niche should be aligned with who we are and what we stand for instead of trying to put out the same products that are sold across many other brands. Deviating — losing sight of that will create burnout.

[I realized after this challenge] that I don’t need to fit into a mold and discount my products to stand out. I can let my product stand out for what its purpose is and let it shine on its own.”

— Samantha Marut, founder of Result by Nature

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Does this sound familiar?

"The Beauty industry is so crowded, can I even breakthrough when I'm working Against Brands that have Bigger REsources than I?"
Think you need a Gazillion Dollars in Backing to Throw Money at Ads and Agencies in order to "Make It?"

There is space for your iconic beauty brand. The riches are in the niches, my friend. 

You can elevate your brand to be in a class of its own and break through the noise.

This is what separates the want-preneurs from the real deals.

It’s also the one area that trips up most entrepreneurs (no matter what stage they’re at)…even those that think they’ve figured out their positioning.

Because it can be so damn hard to get through the mental hurdle that you might be leaving customers behind if you niche down or refine your focus…especially if you haven’t hit your target sales goals to begin with.

Reality is though, when we try to be everything to everyone it leads to costly mistakes like:


When you position your brand as a category of one, changes in the economy, political and global events, and beauty trends just don’t matter.

It also means you’re not leaving money on the table trying to reach the masses with MORE outreach and MORE ads and MORE money.

Because you now have an offer that your customers view at a premium value instead of as a commodity.

Creating a stronger category yields more sales. Period.

Positioning your brand as a category leader is the secret sauce that helps indie brands go further, faster no matter your limitations of time, funding, skills or connections.

I'm here to teach you how to define your unique category to yield more sales, impact, and status…even if you’ve been doing your thing for a hot minute and have seen some success (trust me, there’s more to be had).

And when you own a category, you play in the league with brands that sell out at Sephora, get featured on podcasts like How I Built This, and are in demand for an acquisition.

Ready to refine your focus and take your brand from commodity to cult status?

Did you know...

The global cosmetics products market grew 5.5% in 2018, while the niche segment rose upward of 10%.

Dynamic indie brands are successfully exiting faster in history than ever, speaking volumes to their attractiveness compared to larger companies that are not serving a particular segment or haven’t invested in a range of product development.

...And we're on a mission to Make Even More History.

hello there.

I'm Aggie.

I’m a PR and Marketing Consultant and Founder of AB Creative, a consulting and education platform that helps build cult status beauty brands.

In short, I love breaking the rules and believe that in order for your brand to be top of mind, you need to challenge the status quo in your niche.

I also believe that every brand and brand founder has a unique story that when uncovered, will allow their business to explode.

I help beauty brands uncover their unique angle and turn it into brand sales, credibility, and status.

I don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. After building and growing an award-winning fragrance brand—sold worldwide and in retailers like Sephora, Four Seasons Hotel, Shen Beauty, Fenwick Department Store and our namesake brick-and-mortar store in Brooklyn and a pop-up in Soho, I guess you can say I know a thing or two about the unique challenges your business faces.

I’ve also consulted with over 100 iconic beauty brands and counting with successes ranging from big-box retail partnerships, celebrity customers, national media placements, multi-million dollar exits, and everything in between.

I attribute that understanding to the authentic and guerilla strategies I employ in helping your brand get noticed and gain loyal customers.

You and your brand deserve to be seen and heard. Isn’t it time to stop playing safe and start breaking some rules?

They Did It. So Can You.

iconic beauty brand challenge participant
iconic beauty brand challenge participants
Ready to powerfully position your brand and make consistent sales?

We’ll meet for 5 days in a row on Zoom for 60-90 minutes each day at 12pm EST, with time for Q+A at the end of each LIVE session. You’ll also have access to the recordings in our Iconic Beauty Brand Challenge Facebook Group for one week, so you can watch when it suits your schedule. If you’d like to have access to the recordings for longer, we have an extended replay option with our Iconic Beauty Brand VIP Experience.

No matter what stage of business you’re at, there’s no better time to get crystal clear on your positioning so you can own your category and stand out from the crowd. This is the time you want to take full ownership of what you’re known for so you can achieve your version of record-breaking sales throughout the year. 

Yes! I (Aggie) will be workshopping with you in a group setting for 5 days live! I love running this fan-favorite challenge live because I get to engage and interact with you, answer questions, give you feedback on homework, and more…all live!

Join us in the VIP Experience! I’ll be hosting a small group coaching session where we can go deeper into your particular brand, project, or product, and dive into your questions with more detail.

This is exclusively for beauty, health and wellness brand product founders. That includes products like makeup, skincare, candles, fragrances, ingestibles, tools, soaps, body care, wellness teas/products, vitamins, essential oils, haircare and more. 
This challenge is great both for brands that are established who may have plateaued or want to reach the next revenue milestone and know they may need to optimize their positioning, messaging or visibility strategy in order to get there AND also for brand that are pre-launch or just launched and looking to gain more momentum and refine their brand story and strategy.
We’re best fit for brand founders who sell their own products and want to grow a cult-status beauty brand, not those who resell other brands’ products as part of an MLM program.

Both! Come prepared to implement what you learn with the support of your Iconic Beauty Brand Workbook and daily homework prompts. We’ll be putting everything we learn into action. 

This is not your typical sit-back-and-consume challenge. My intention is for you to leave this challenge having curated a positioning strategy that can make you a category leader in the beauty industry and a customer powerhouse. You’ll also gain tremendous clarity on your unique selling proposition and differentiating factors and how to apply them to more (and better!) retail doors, press and customers!

If you’re just getting started with your business then you’ll walk away with a blueprint for how to tell a brand store that captures your ideal customers and positions your brand uniquely right out of the gate.

Ready to grow an iconic brand that breaks through the noise?

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When You Join Today, You’ll Get:

That's a $17,500 value for just $37! Spots Are Limited, Secure Yours Now

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