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(without having to spend money on ads or land a VC investor.)
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Think that in order to have an iconic brand you need to give up ownership and raise funding?
You don't have to give up ownership of your business in order to build a business. You DO however have to be strategic in how you leverage available funds toward curated communication and positioning that awards you a loyal, cult-like brand community.
As female founders, we often find ourselves wanting to satisfy every request, desire and piece of feedback.

With every piece of feedback, whether guided or mis-guided, we pivot, with each turn taking us away from our North Star.
When we try to be everything to everyone it leads to costly mistakes like:


Growing an iconic brand isn't about reaching the widest audience possible. It's about reaching those who raised their hand and said 'yes' to your brand in a more impactful way. It's about creating a more curated experience for those who want more and pulling new customers in with word-of-mouth marketing.

(Because if you're trying to reach the MASSES with MORE outreach and MORE ads and MORE money, chances are, you're actually leaving major money on the table.)

I'm here to teach you how to grow a remarkable brand that has impact, status and longevity.

Brands you see on the shelves of Sephora, on podcasts like How I Built This, and brands that exit successfully.

Ready to stop switching from one thing to the next and start focusing on your unique beauty brand X-factor?

Did you know...

The global cosmetics products market grew 5.5% in 2018, while the niche segment rose upward of 10%.

Dynamic indie brands are successfully exiting faster in history than ever, speaking volumes to their attractiveness compared to larger companies that are not serving a particular segment or haven’t invested in a range of product development.

...And we're on a mission to Make Even More History.
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I'm Aggie.

I’m a PR and Marketing Consultant and Founder of AB Creative, a Consulting Firm and Education Platform that helps build cult status beauty brands.

In short, I love breaking the rules and believe that in order for your brand to be top of mind in the media and crowded marketplace, you need to challenge the status quo in your niche.

I also believe that every brand and brand founder has a unique story that when uncovered, will allow their business to explode.

I help lifestyle brands uncover their unique angle.

Then, we craft a media and marketing strategy that positions your brand as a thought leader in your niche.

I don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. After building and growing my own award-winning beauty brand (and self-funding it), selling it in Sephora, Four Seasons Hotel, and Fenwick Dep’t Store, as well as getting it into all our dream target media, I know the unique challenges your business faces.

I’ve also worked with over 100 beauty brands ranging from Mented Cosmetics, Kahina Giving Beauty, Arcona, Glamlite, Banish, Brooklinen, ScentBird and more. Our students and clients have landed in big box retailers, in national media, as top favorites of celebrities, and have had multi-million dollar exits.

Now, I want to help YOU build and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

I’ve been in the beauty industry long enough to know that running one can sometimes put you on the struggle bus. (Like…as hard as achieving the no-makeup-makeup look struggle).

Which is exactly why I created this workshop series. I know from experience that when founders have the right tools, strategies and mentorship they strengthen that confidence muscle faster, attract more of their ideal customer and make it possible to grow an iconic beauty brand.

Your brand deserves to be seen and heard and I’m here to help you do just that.

Here's how it's going down... LIVE:

In this LIVE, FREE 5-Day Challenge, I will walk you through 5 key factors that will help you differentiate your brand and increase brand affinity.

Here's what you will learn:

DefinE Your Customer Pain POinT

Define your muse and pull them in. I'll show you how to define your customer pain point so that you can lean into a marketing strategy that attracts more of that customer making it easier to market and sell to them instead of screaming into the void that is otherwise known as the interwebs.​


It’s time to stop being the brand that is everything to everyone (ie. nothing to no one). Avoid building another copy-cat brand and instead, get clear on your unique brand category and how to leverage it to create a stronger brand presence.

6 Positioning Shifts TO EXPONENTIALLY GROW YOUR BRand's Audience, Income and Engagement

The biggest day of the challenge! Learn my 6 brand strategy shifts that will help you launch with momentum, grow with community and scale with brand loyalty. Discover how to hone in on what sets your beauty brand apart — and my favorite brand strategies to help you connect and convert your customer.

Hook the market with your hero product

Corner the beauty market with one product that pulls your brand forward. Leverage your hero product to get your foot in the door to bigger and better opportunities, without having to invest in neverending inventory.

Sell with story

Use story to create targeted hype and attention (the good kind). On Day 5, we will help identify your brand story and how to leverage it to pull customers in!

They Did It. So Can You.

Ready to grow an iconic brand that draws customer in even in a crowded marketplace?