What if YOU could achieve your best product launch ever minus the pushy sales tactics or expensive ads?

Are You a Product-Based Business Owner Who:


You can’t just build it and they will come. You need to market your business strategically towards your target customer in order to gain a wider reach and bigger sales.

But Here’s Something You Might NOT Know:

Only 40% of developed products make it to market and of that 40%, only 60% will generate any revenue at all, according to the Marketing Research Association.

The #1 reason for this, particularly as it pertains to beautypreneurs is that the ideas may be abundant, but the execution is something to be desired. And it’s not their fault, the media does an incredible job of splashing headlines like “Ilia approaches $100 million in revenue as it charts monumental growth,making launching and scaling a beauty brand sound like it’s childsplay.

Of those who get past the idea phase and into the actual product development phase, the hurdles are endless. Manufacturers who bully newbies into 10,000 piece opening orders. Fluctuating raw ingredient prices. Multiple neverending rounds to get a formula stabilized. Secondary packaging getting stuck at customs. Covid-related supply chain issues.

Out of the few who feel confident enough to launch their product baby into the world—a majority only get a handful of sales from friends and family—because the launch and marketing of their product is a complete afterthought compared to the amount of time spent on developing the product itself.

When a launch goes sideways, it inevitably leads to feelings of rejection because of false beliefs like:

In helping beautypreneurs with no outside investments, fancy ads and 0 marketing experience achieve multi-4, 5 and 6 figure launches…

According to Harvard Business School, the biggest problem companies encounter when launching a new product is lack of preparation

Trying to piece a launch together at the last minute is a recipe for a sloppy launch. Plain and simple.

Having a launch plan is the very thing that could be standing in the way of you and your successful launch into the marketplace.

The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ provides you with a launch plan spreadsheet to help you organize all of your assets, team, goals, and promo ideas so you’re launching with your best foot forward

The best part? BBLM makes it super easy and friendly to get organized for your launch even if you’re not a big planner or if spreadsheets give you hives (like they used to for me).

According to Harvard Business School, the biggest problem companies encounter when launching a new product is lack of preparation

Trying to piece a launch together at the last minute is a recipe for a sloppy launch. Plain and simple.

Having a launch plan is the very thing that could be standing in the way of you and your successful launch into the marketplace.

The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ provides you with a launch plan spreadsheet to help you organize all of your assets, team, goals, and promo ideas so you’re launching with your best foot forward

The best part? BBLM makes it super easy and friendly to get organized for your launch even if you’re not a big planner or if spreadsheets give you hives (like they used to for me).

Did you know that more than 30,000 consumer products get launched every year!?

That means, a couple of social media posts and an email or two isn’t going to cut it in terms of building excitement for your launch or promo.

This is where the majority of brands get it wrong, but by the time they realize it, it’s already too close to the launch date.

When you share about what you’re working on in a strategic way, you’re building anticipation via a pre-launch runway.

Use the BBLM to build a powerful pre-launch runway for your next product drop or promo so you can ensure you have an audience to launch to instead of launching to crickets.

I get it. You’ve told everyone your launch date and now you feel like you have to go live even though you’ve experienced numerous setbacks and nothing feels complete.

Listen, if Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) can push back his album release by weeks and the world doesn’t end, you can push back your launch too.

Want to avoid that entirely? Sign up for The Beauty Brand Launch Method™. I help you plan your launch ahead of time, which also means scheduling in time for your asset design, revisions, and shipping so you never have to launch unprepared, rushed, or have to hit send on that launch date delay email.

“My online sales increased by 213%”

BBLM isn’t a generic launch plan, it is a detailed gem every beautyprenuer should keep in their planning toolkit!

The orders keep coming in with each email. UGC is coming in and lots of new followers, messages, shares etc. Local press named Be Refreshed as a summer fave.

BBLM helped me map out so much content. It even helped me plan the photoshoot so my images aligned with my content plans. Pre-planning is KEY! Thank you Aggie!


Founder of Lilly Be

I’m Aggie


I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like putting your blood, sweat and tears (and frankly, hopes and dreams) into a new product only to have a couple people buy on the first day.

But overtime, and lots of trial and error, I was able to pinpoint what stood apart from the launches that knocked it out of the ballpark and the launches that frankly…flopped. The key to my successful launches? A solid launch plan, and most importantly, a pre-launch runway.

With my tried and tested strategies, I’ve had launches that had over 70 media editors and journalists in attendance eager to write up my product, lines around a SOHO, NYC block of hundreds of customers dying to get into my pop-up shop, celebrity and influencer-hosted launches (that didn’t involve a single pay-to-play contract), and seen my brand new product drop in every Sephora store nationwide.

That’s how I know there is a proven formula to achieving a successful brand launch. After countless investments, mistakes, and major wins, I learned what worked (like, actually works) when it comes to getting major ROI with a product launch. I’ve extracted the learning lessons and compiled those experiences to bring them to you in The Beauty Brand Launch Method™.

I haven’t just tested strategies with my own brand…I’ve also consulted with over 50 beauty brands and counting, including Mented Cosmetics, Mahalo, Mun, Kahina Giving Beauty, Glamlite, Scentbird, and so many more.

I’ve heard industry “experts” claim that you need at least a 500k budget to launch a beauty brand or product effectively.

I call B.S. on that.

What you need is a solid strategy, a compelling message, and the know-how to show up consistently.

A clear rinse-and-repeat launch plan from someone who’s actually been through the trenches.

You’re about to become a launching pro like the big guys (minus the back-breaking budgets).

If you’re a beauty brand founder or marketer, now’s your chance to take this risk-free offer and run with it. You owe it to yourself to take the first (and second, and third) step in building a launch that will propel your beauty business forward. It’s time to learn the proven strategies that will allow you to reach more people, make a namesake for yourself, and prove to yourself that you’re in the right place, at the right time, for the long haul.

I’ll show you how to achieve your best.launch.ever. inside The Beauty Brand Launch Method™.

Are You Still Thinking…

“But Aggie, don’t I need to invest money in ads to drive traffic to my website in order to have an audience to sell to?”

No, you don’t. While ads are certainly a fine marketing strategy you can invest in down the line, they are not necessary to build an engaged audience, have a killer launch or scale a business for that matter. In fact, in working with and witnessing hundreds of beauty brand launches over the last 15 years, there’s one thing the most successful brands have in common, they never launch their brand with ads.

The ONLY Thing You Need to Launch Successfully is my…

The Triple Threat Sell Out System helps you attract, engage and convert potential customers into buyers.

The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ utilizes our proprietary Triple Threat Sell Out System to help you attract, engage and convert potential customers into buyers and achieve your best launch or promotion ever, without spending $ on ads or other pushy (read: dated) sales tactics

But That’s Not What Other Brand Strategists Teach

If you’ve been told you need to run ads to learn about your target customer and to generate an interested audience or that you need hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch your beauty, health or wellness business, let me tell you that you’ve been misled. Thankfully, you don’t need to advertise at all to have a successful launch or promotion. You also don’t need industry connections. Marketing background? Nope, don’t need that either.

Can I let you in on a dirty little secret?

Throwing money at ads or other expensive solutions is often a bandaid to cover up poor planning and a misunderstanding of go-to-market strategy.

What do you think of when you recall some of the more memorable splashes beauty brands have made in the industry of late?


What do all these brands have in common?

All of them were started by founders with little to no marketing background, who launched and grew their brands organically, and had a massive impact on not just the beauty industry but propelling the voices of the underdogs, the newbies, and first-time business owners.

We’re often told that product launches are complicated and expensive. But they don’t have to be. A sound strategy and a clear plan can catapult any emerging brand into the beauty loving stratosphere.

Craft a positioning in the market that is truly unique, communicate that positioning effectively, nurture your audience with innovative content, and amplify that message leveraging media and influencers—this is a system of organic marketing strategies to elevate your next product drop or promotion.

Customers are smart and have many options…

What your customer ACTUALLY wants in order to shout your brand from the rooftops:

When you become an expert at attracting, engaging and converting customers through a curated product campaign, they will not only purchase your product, but feel confident to recommend it to a friend.

That means, your customers turn into your marketing man(woman)power—spreading the word of your brand organically.

Excitement for a brand breeds more excitement, which is the cornerstone for iconic, waitlist-worthy status.

Imagine having a marketing department of tens, hundreds, eventually thousands of people who volunteer to do the heavy-lifting of marketing your business for you?


“I sold out of our best-selling products within the week. I was not expecting that.”

My launch was amazing. It went better than I expected. Just by implementing all the steps in your course, I think it helped me so much..

Every time someone bought something, I was like, oh my gosh, really? But it was amazing. I loved it. And like I said, just implementing the email marketing and the brand positioning inside BBLM…that was huge for me. And it helped me after the launch too.

I’m also partnered with local luxury artists and a beauty studio in Toronto, online retailers like Indie Lux, beauty retailers in the US and Canada. I’m excited to be partnered with them. I feel surprised when these businesses reach out to me and they want my brand because it’s so new.


Founder of Understory Botanicals


If you want to ensure you get a return on investment for the launch of your new product without having to invest in expensives ads or pushy (and outdated) sales tactics, then The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ gives you the powerful resources, proven strategies, and a clear plan of action, so you know EXACTLY how to market your business strategically and successfully. 

“Now that I’ve successfully launched, I know how to succeed in other launches.”

“[Before joining BBLM] I read a lot of articles to try to get answers but everything felt like it was lacking in some way. Most articles had a good foundation but were vague in terms of the step-by-step process of launching a new product.

When I found BBLM, and looked at everything it entailed, I knew that this course was what I was looking for because it laid the process out step-by-step and that made things manageable for me.

As a completely bootstrapped company, the cost made me slightly nervous. If anything, I was more afraid of purchasing a course that only provided half of what I needed or was lackluster and would make me feel as though I didn’t get what I paid for. Unfortunately, I’d been down that road before with other courses. But after my own due diligence, I took a chance on the course and it’s literally the best business expense ever!

Now, I feel confident in the launch process. I plan to release more products as I grow as a company and now that I’ve successfully launched, I know how to succeed in other launches.

Channing Bias Smith

Founder of 51st Place

The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ is not just a launch plan to get your brand or product off the ground, it’s a step-by-step system for building:

The end result: Marketing your product and brand to the right customer consistently to hit the ground with momentum and retain that momentum months after the launch or promotion.

The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ is the first course of its kind that utilizes my triple-threat sell out formula to help you achieve your best launch ever with a proven, step-by-step method that will help you attract an engaged audience through social, nurture it with email marketing, and amplify your message by leveraging media and influencer partnerships.

It’s your turn now.

You can have your best product campaign ever utilizing the Triple Threat Sell Out System to help you

attract, engage and convert potential customers into buyers.

Here’s what you will implement inside the
beauty brand launch method™

Beauty Brand Launch Method Product Suite

Module 1

Create Your Custom Launch Strategy

Module 1 is all about setting your goals and creating a Launch Plan that’ll help you reach them. You’ll get clear on the 5 most important metrics of ALL launches (yours included), decide on the type of promotion you’ll need to rock your launch, and dial in your support team.

By the time you’ve made it through Module 1, you’ll know how to measure your success, and you’ll have a complete Launch Strategy designed to take all the guesswork out of your product launch.


Module 2

Turn Your Brand Into a Customer-Magnet Using Social Media

Module 2 is designed to instantly take your brand from blah to blazing so you can attract customers that’ll get in line to buy your products.

You’ll learn cutting-edge social media strategies for growing your audience, which types of social posts perform the best in your industry, and how to ramp up engagement so you create powerful connections with your people.And the best part? You’ll get our social media calendar with caption prompts (cause we love shortcuts that work around here) to get you out of your head and into launch beauty bliss.


Module 3

Pre-Sell Your Product & Nurture Your Audience with Email Marketing

In Module 3, you’ll discover the *true* power of email marketing. You’ll get high-converting email templates to nurture your audience, pre-sell your product, and get folks hyped to join your product waitlist.

Yup. All before your product goes live. Cause the sales are in the pre-launch, baby.

Module 4

Skyrocket Your Reach with Influencer Partnerships & Media Placements

What’s the secret to amassing a ton of engagement? Exposure.

When you have the right beauty influencers and press coverage, your brand reaches more people, which means you get more eyeballs on your product.

In Module 4, you’ll learn how to write media pitches that’ll boost your visibility, build your credibility, and increase your sales.


You didn’t think that was all, did you?

when you join Beauty Brand Launch Method you’ll also get your hands on these juicy bonuses to make launching even easier for you—a $1,000+ value for F-to-the-R-E-E:

Bonus #1

Beauty Brand Hashtag Sets Resource

Includes 5 sets of hashtags for all categories in the beauty industry including skincare, makeup, hair and more so that all your Instagram content is more searchable and accessible. (valued $297)

Bonus #2

Launch Gantt Chart

Visualize your beauty brand launch timeline with a Gantt chart. If you’re a visual person that can sometimes get lost in all the writing, then this is a great way for you to really see, from beginning to end, what you’re working on at each stage of your pre-launch, launch & post-launch. (value $397)

Bonus #3

Instagram Canva Bundle

These fully customizable Instagram graphics are professionally designed and ready for you to drop your content in and make your own. (value$397)

It doesn't stop there!

Your Access Includes:

Private Facebook Group Instant access to our Build a Brand: Beauty Edition Facebook Group where you can get bi-weekly support and get your questions answered so you can take action and see results quickly.

BBLM Accountability Pod Contact Sheet so you can partner up with other visionaries on the same journey and keep each other motivated.

On-Demand Education Once you join, you can access any module or training immediately!  The course is self-guided, which means you can learn at your own pace.
Lifetime Access
Go back and review it whenever and as often as you like. You have access for as long as this program is offered, and you get access to all future updates. You make the launch and promo process your own with every new product or campaign you do.

You Can Get Started Today With The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ For Just:


and 2 Additional Payments of $182, 30 Days Apart, or Save $75 When You Pay In Full

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

“One of the things I was excited about when we ran our first launch together was that I launched and didn’t launch to crickets.”

I got sales right away. Every time I sent an email, there was some type of sale or question or engagement immediately. 


Founder of Omolewa Cosmetics

What it would feel like to coast into launch week with total confidence & clarity?

You’ve been building up anticipation and excitement strategically over the last few weeks or months and the launch day is finally here.

You’re nervous yet excited, not sure how the public will react to your new brand or product baby.

Will they love it and buy it? Will I have customers? Will my customers share it with their friends and family? Will it all be good enough?

And then, ping, your first order comes in. Feelings of excitement and relief overcome you as you take a look at the order and realize it’s someone you don’t even know!

A complete stranger just purchased your product!

And then another ping, and another. One by one, the orders start rolling in and you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

Your launch is an absolute hit and you’ve surpassed your goals. Not only that, but retailers and other brand partners are reaching out to YOU asking to carry your brand or work with you.

Your customers are sharing your brand organically by word-of-mouth and you acquire new customers AFTER your launch without having to invest in ads or pushy sales tactics.

This is what’s possible for you, and this is what we aim to achieve with the Beauty Brand Launch Method™.

What it would feel like to coast into launch week with total confidence and clarity?

Knowing that you have created a plan that will actually help you reach your target goals for the launch and beyond?

And landing media and influencer hype before launch day?

What if there was no doubt in your mind that you had implemented all the right things to launch your baby the right way?

Get Started Now

Choose the Beauty Brand Launch Method™ Plan that works for you.

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Need Help or Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have to make the best choice for you.


DON’T FORGET ABOUT THIS LIMITED-TIME ONLY BONUS ($997 value) (expires when the timer below hits zero)

LIVE Group Coaching Call with Aggie

As a one time bonus, you can get access to me one-on-one.

On this 75-minute VIP Coaching call with me, we will:

(Value : $997)

What beauty business founders are saying:


Plus, you’ll be backed by a risk-free

14-Day Guarantee

The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ is a step-by-step digital implementation course for beauty brand founders who are excited and committed to achieving their best launch ever. 

We want you to be totally satisfied with your investment in the course, that’s why we offer a no-risk, money-back guarantee. You’ll have the opportunity to try out the course for the first two weeks. If you do the work, show us your results and are still not satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

Not Sure If You’re Ready to Commit Just Yet?


Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer? Yes.

The long answer? Double yes. BBLM teaches you so much more than just how to launch. It teaches you how to create content that connects with your ideal customers so when you DO launch it’s a bonafide Stripe-pinging frenzy.

The truth is, the further in advance you start seeding your upcoming offer (aka pre-launching) the better results you’ll have when you’re actually ready to launch. 

So I usually advise my students not to wait until they’re launching to join BBLM, but to join a bit before that. 

YES! You’re right. Media and influencers can be huge for your brand and inside BBLM you’ll learn the exact methods I’ve used to land dream placements with Mahalo, Kahina Giving Beauty, Glamlite, Sahajan, Omolewa, Skandinavisk, Parfums de Marly and so many more drool-worthy partners.
Here for the specifics? You’ll learn:

  • The right way to build relationships with media
  • The correct structure, format, and angle of yes-worthy pitches
  • How to write pitch headlines that stand out in crowded inboxes
  • How to make your product and brand newsworthy, even if you’re not launching something new
  • What mistakes to avoid when pitching influencers and media
  • How to build your list of media contacts so you’re never stuck wondering “Who should I pitch?!”

Real talk? BBLM was made for beauty brand entrepreneurs who are b-u-s-y. Will you have to watch the videos and learn the material? Yes. No way around that, my friend. But this course is designed to get you real results as quickly as possible.

That’s why it’s chock-full of plug-and-play templates, scripts, pitches, prompts, and swipeable copy that you can use for fast results.

In other words, I’ve done as much of the work for you that I possibly can. The only thing left to add to the mix is YOU.

That’s definitely an option. If you have the cash (some agencies will set you back the price of a small boat every month), and know-how to outsource.

But there’s something to be said for really understanding how to launch effectively yourself before handing the job off to a third party.
When you get real boots-on-the-ground launch experience, you know first-hand what works for your brand, what gets you killer ROI, and what should be avoided at all costs. THEN delegating is much easier and more efficient.

I recommend to all my students that they learn how to launch first before outsourcing their marketing and launches.

Here are just a few things that make BBLM one-of-a-kind:

>> It’s an all-access-immediately course which means once you’re in, you’re IN. Some students spend 5 or 6 weeks going through the modules, and others binge ‘em in a weekend and implement right away. It’s up to you. 

>> It uses tried-and-tested frameworks. Everything you’ll learn has been proven to work in my own business, my clients’ businesses, and for the big brands I’ve consulted. And I’m constantly adapting what I teach to fit what’s working in beauty now.

>> I’ve got 15 years experience in the beauty industry, am a publicist by trade, and have founded 4 businesses. I also have my finger on the pulse of the beauty market. And I’m lending you my 360-degree vantage point so you can slash the learning curve and knock it out of park on your first (or next) product launch or promotion. 

Do we all love Dr. Google? Yes. But it only goes so far. Which is to say YES you will learn SO many things in BBLM that you can’t find for free on the internet. 

But what I think you’re really asking is: is it worth it to invest in myself?

To which I say: investing in yourself is hard. But, my friend, it is so, so worth it. 

When you join BBLM you’re investing in learning a skill that’ll take with you beyond your next launch. You’ll use this knowledge, these processes, and these templates to build a better business without having to hustle your way to the top. 

In many regards, those things are priceless. 

From the day you say ‘HELL YEAH! I AM IN’, you have 14 days to put the Beauty Brand Launch Method to the test.


I want BBLM to change the way you launch your products forever. So I’m offering you a no-risk, 14-day money-back guarantee. Meaning if you join the course and do the work and don’t see how BBLM is your ticket to knock-out product launches, simply turn in the work you’ve completed and I’ll refund you in full.


Basically, the risk is 100% on me with this guarantee.

Some of our BBLM students have launched their brand or a product before and while the launch went fine, they see the potential of doing the next launch better and bigger if only they had the right strategy in place. If you want to surpass your last launch, then BBLM can help you create the right plan to do so. 


BBLM is also great for planning out your annual promotions, whether it be Black Friday or Mother’s Day. That’s the beauty of this launch strategy system, it can be customized to any promotion you’re doing whether it be a new drop or a quick 24hr promo.

The BONUS VIP coaching call expires when the timer below hits zero.

After that, the VIP coaching call becomes unavailable. This is your ONLY chance to snag a free VIP coaching session.

No. We have clients from all continents of the world (except Antarctica) using the Beaut Brand Launch Method to get their product and business seen and heard locally and internationally.

Yes I do. Once you’ve taken the Beauty Brand Launch Method, you have the option to upgrade to work 1-on-1 with me

The simple answer is no. As long as you have the following: an email provider, Google Docs, a website, and an Instagram account, you’re good to go. You can execute your entire launch using everything provided for you inside the Beauty Brand Launch Method™. However, if you’d like to invest in any tech or marketing apps we recommend, then there will be an additional fee for the app you choose to incorporate. You need not invest in these, however, to be successful.

This is an independent study program. At the start of each week we’ll send you an email to help guide you through the recommended 5 week program.  Aggie hosts live Q&As in the Facebook where you can share and ask questions about your launch. 

Yes, you’ll have access to all modules of the course upon enrollment. This is a self-study program so you can choose to devour everything in one weekend or spread it out over time. And because you have lifetime access, you can come back to the modules whenever you like. 

Beauty Brand Launch Method Product Suite

Join The Beauty Brand Launch Method™ Today!

Craft a new promo or campaign that’s sure to stand out amongst a sea of lookalikes. The result? Marketing your product and brand to the right customer consistently to hit the ground with momentum and retain that momentum months after the launch or promotion

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