You have a cult-status beauty brand within you, and you’re ready to unleash it.

The only 16-week high-touch program for established beauty brand founders who want to catapult their brands to cult-status.

Applications close October 2nd at 11:59 pm Eastern

I see you spinning your wheels...

Even though you’ve poured everything into your business, you’re stuck grinding your gears waiting for the real payoff.

But no matter how many times you tinker with your website or change your packaging, you can’t crack the code to bring in MORE consistent sales.

And on top of all that...

You’re working overtime just to break through the noise.

Which means you’re exhausted, overworked, and downright tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something will stick.

Even after trying *all the tactics*, attending trade shows, and changing your mind about your packaging (again)…

You still don’t have a strategic plan to reach your target customers and blow up your brand.

I feel you on a visceral level because I’ve been there myself.

My online sales increased by 213%.

“And those are just the sales that were done on my website. That doesn’t include the Zoom sessions where I invoiced my customers separately.

The biggest benefit of C2C was in having Aggie and the group there as accountability partners. It helped me start a steady live series (which I wanted to do for over a year), and show up more in general.

With their help, I built out email campaigns, zoom personal shipping sessions, and so much more.

Aggie’s insight helped me reach my Q4 goal. She’s the great brand strategist!”

—Lissette Monzon, Founder of Lilly Be Skincare

I was able to more than double my revenue, replace my full-time career, and grow my team.

“I had read the books, listened to a billion podcasts, and I knew all the things that I should be doing, but it was seriously like I was in quicksand and I’m sure any other business owner can understand this, where you have so many ideas and you just feel so lost.

I think that if you’re where I was, where you started your brand and you’re just getting so confused between having, you know, something special and unique, and you’re not sure what direction to go, this is a great, perfect opportunity to figure it all out and be able to make that investment and it’ll pay off huge dividends.

This last year I was able to more than double my revenue from the previous year. I was able to replace the full-time income that I was making in my previous career and grow my team.

It was scary, freaking hard, but so fulfilling.”

—Kyra Venable, founder of Lavender Meadows

Raquel Guardia

I was able to land my first pitch! QVC/HSN said 'We Picked You".

“Before working with Aggie, I was just blending in with every other brand. I felt so confused. But I couldn’t figure out why.

When I joined C2C, Aggie immediately noticed there was a messaging disconnect with my audience. She helped me narrow my message and my voice got stranger and more targeted as time went on.

Now, my brand voice is much clearer. I was able to land my first pitch with that. QVC/HSN said “we picked you for the first round.”

When you get to a point where you can only go so far and you need somebody else, but you’re not ready for a team, you need [a] mentor.

You need that person who can take you along a journey. I was looking for someone like that because I realized at some point I just kept hitting a wall. I wasn’t getting my message through. I wasn’t doing things right. And yet there was interest, but I didn’t know how to keep them interested.”

—Raquel Guardia, Founder of Stella Simone Salon Systems

Here's the Truth

There’s a BIG difference between selling products and creating an iconic beauty brand

The kind of beauty brand that gets featured in Glamour and lands partnerships with Nordstrom or Credo.

The kind of beauty brand that has thousands of 5-star reviews and die-hard fans.

The kind of brand that’s a vibe.

Imagine This...

What if your brand catapulted to the top charts?

Once your beauty brand takes the world by storm, you’ll ditch the feast and famine months behind for good.

Think that sounds like a distant dream?


With me in your corner, you’re closer to creating a cult-favorite brand than you think.

Years ago, I left my editorial job at Glamour magazine to launch a fragrance brand.

In the first year of our launch, we landed ourselves in some high-profile publications like Allure, The Washington Post, and Time Out New York.

To an outsider, the business looked like it was going great.

We had managed to create some buzz in the market and we figured the our breakthrough moment was just around the corner.

But it turns out… even with all that media attention, we weren’t getting sales on our website.

I tried to tell myself we just needed to be patient, but between the celebrity giftings, $10k trade shows, and travel costs, we were losing money—fast.

And to make it all worse, we were hearing no after no from major retailers and mom-and-pop shops.

We even tried selling door to door. (Yeah, it was like that.)

Fast forward a couple years and we’d just landed a purchase order for 4,000 units from Sephora.

It wasn’t even a test run. They wanted our fragrance showcased at the checkouts in all 300+ locations across the country.

So. What changed between getting inconsistent sales and landing a retail partnership with Sephora?

Well, during that time I became obsessed with finding the answer to ONE question:

What’s the difference between a beauty business that never gains traction and one that’s a can't-stop-won't-stop success?

Here’s what I discovered:

Growing a beauty brand that stands out is not about launching a ton of “perfect” products…

And it’s not about blasting your audience with discounts and hurry-buy-now! sales…

It’s all about your brand.

See, it was only after we did the work to refine the foundations of our brand that we were able to amplify our message and have a high-level impact.

And that’s when we ditched those feast and famine months for good.

Now, I’m on a mission to help other beauty brand founders become industry powerhouses.

Listen. Your brand is your golden ticket.

And I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned from spending 15+ years helping beauty brands take the world by storm.

…Including brands that have resulted in 7-figure exits, bring in multi-six figures in annual revenue, and get placed in international publications.

I’m holding nothing back. Let’s take your brand from struggling to stand out to being a household name, together.

accelerator program mentor aggie burnett

Mark Your Calendar

This is the year you stop playing small and elevate your beauty brand

Visionary Values

Leverage your values and beliefs to promote a better brand story.

Your Stand-Out Brand Story

The WHY that makes your customers cry.

* Live Hot Seats

Your Ultimate Customer

Build demand by understanding your customer inside and out.

* Live Hot Seats


You are only as profitable as the value you create for your customers. Close the gap between your brand and your customer and watch them turn from a browser to a buyer.

* Copy Jam
* Mix-n-Mingle Networking Session

Positioning for Cult-Status Brands

How to create a strong brand positioning that leads to loyal customers and complete clarity over the decisions and direction of your company.

* Put It into Action Implementation Session

Website Messaging

How to communicate your brand with clarity.

* Live Hot Seats

Searchable Product Descriptions

Create searchable product descriptions that help captivate your readers, increase engagement and sales.

* Copy Jam

Sell with Social

How to build brand awareness, nurture customer relations, and drive more conversions using social media.

* Put It into Action Implementation Session

Visual Branding that Pops

How to use visual branding to convert more leads, build brand trust and gain your audience's trust.

SEO Superstar

Everything you need to know to land high on search results and drive traffic where you want it most.

* Copy Jam

5-Star Customer Experience

Turning your brand into an experience. Elevate your customer experience and see your brand affinity rise.

* Live Hot Seats

Engage Customers with Email Marketing

Connecting with and converting customers using email marketing even if your list is teeny tiny and you've only sent promo emails in the past.

* Put It into Action Implementation Session

The Art of a Pitch

Perfecting the pitch - Expand exposure with a magnetic, memorable pitch.

* Live Hot Seats

Supercharge Your Sales Strategy

Everything you need to know to sell your product without sleeze.

Selling on Amazon

Leverage Amazon’s reach for wider brand exposure while adding an additional stream of income to your bottom line.

* Live Hot Seats

In-Person Events + Pop-Ups

Attract new customers and buyers alike with an IRL experience they can’t forget.

* Copy Jam


* Graduation Party

Welcome To

Catapult your beauty brand to cult-status with high-touch support, no-fluff strategies, and a proven roadmap that’ll turn your business into the powerhouse it’s meant to be

In C2C, we’ll spend 16 weeks together refining your brand foundations, clarifying your stand-out message, and creating a brand worthy of cult-status.

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll check off your list:

Create an unforgettable brand that’s as unique as you are

Connect with your target market on repeat

Attract customers who’ll be obsessed with your products

Make consistent sales with proven marketing + sales systems

Sell your products on social with zero ad spend

Optimize a delicious, search-optimized website

Become a media magnet with expert brand positioning

Build your brand’s fan-club with a wow-worthy customer experience

Scale with wholesale and Amazon distribution strategies

...And so much more!

Want to Know How It's Done?

The Cult-Status Brand Blueprint™ makes your beauty brand go boom

Inside Conventional to Cult Status, you’ll master the proven framework that’s already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs accelerate gotta-have-it beauty brands


Tap into your brand’s unique potential with crafting crisp, clear messaging that’ll have diehard fans flocking to your products


Magnify your impact with brand positioning that’ll that’ll set you a notch above from every other brand in your space


Create major industry influence and increase brand awareness with a new killer PR strategy to multiply your reach and achieve cult-status

VIP Path: Looking for 1:1 support? Want to move faster?
We have a VIP Path limited to 10 spots for this cohort.

Everything included in the C2C program PLUS:

What makes our team of experts so special is that they are hand-selected for their wide array of specialized experiences in the beauty, health and wellness space.

Meet your Co-Coach, Nancy

Nancy is a marketing strategist who started in the craft beverage industry then transitioned to working with beauty brands of all sizes. 
Always knowing she wanted a brand of her own, she took the leap and is now the Founder of Earth Based Body succulent skincare.She boldly invested in herself and began her growth journey by joining C2C and continued with the Beauty Brand Founders Mastermind. As a graduate of C2C, she understands the growing pains of building an iconic brand and can offer a unique perspective.She has an uncanny ability to turn everyday ideas into marketing gold, and she’s here to guide you through branding challenges. 
Her superpowers? She uses data to make strategic plans, she finds ways to batch EVERYTHING, and she has a knack for mirroring the magic in your brand that might seem like “no big deal” to you.When she’s not manifesting marketing marvels or plotting campaigns, you’ll find Nancy researching the coolest art markets around the world to pad her collection in her Arizona home.Areas of expertise:
  • Creating workable marketing plans with content batching
  • Utilizing data for planning
  • Storytelling
  • In-person events
  • Building collaborations and partnerships
  • Wholesale outreach
  • Package design strategy
  • Niche mining (seeing the heart of an iconic brand and celebrating the unique qualities)

Meet your Copy Jams Host, Michelle Carrington

Michelle is a copywriter and strategist who helps beauty brand founders disrupt the beauty world with research-backed copy rooted in their mission, story and customers.

With Michelle in your back pocket, you’ll be able to connect to your customers on a deep, personal level on repeat to grow your brand affinity and drive sales.

Her superpower is helping her clients (and you) bring clarity to their messaging with crisp website copy, punchy product descriptions, and empathy-driven emails.

If she’s not hiding behind her laptop typing away, you can find her at the park reading a good book or sitting in her vanity playing with makeup.

Plus, you won't want to miss this masterclass lineup

- featuring in-demand beauty industry experts -

How to Optimize Your Website to Connect and Convert More Customers
With Chelsya Ashley, growth marketing strategist and CEO of Cheya Media

chelsya ashley website conversion specialist

You’ll learn:

Mastering Social Media for Beauty Brands
With Antonella Colella

Conventional to Cult Status Social Media TRaining

You’ll learn:

Pioneering Beauty with AI Innovation
Celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist and founder of Jill Turnbull Haircare

conventional to cult status ai training

You’ll learn:

Expanding Brand Reach with Retail
With Arif Isikgun, retail education expert at Ai Beauty Consultancy and keynote speaker

Wholesale and retail strategist

You’ll learn:

Complying with Regulations (MoCRA edition)
With Dr. Ebru Karpuzoglu, Molecular Immunologist and Skincare Expert

regulations traning in conventional to cult status

You’ll learn:

Ready to make this the year your brand reaches iconic status?

Lifetime access to the C2C Core Curriculum (15 Modules and over 30+ trainings, templates, and worksheets) (valued at $15,000)

3 Live *Put It Into Action* Implementation Sessions so you can get ish done

4 Live Copy Jam Sessions so you can check "write copy" off your to-do list

NEW* Instant access to the first three C2C modules

NEW* Weekly Office Hours to Further Understand and Solidify Module Concepts

5 Live Guest Expert Masterclasses featuring industry experts who dive deep on all things marketing, selling, and branding (valued at $5000)

9 Live Student Hot Seats to get your work reviewed and questions answered (valued at $18,000)

C2C Private Facebook Community where you'll get unmatched support from 14 of your peers + Aggie (Valued at $997)

Live Weekly Coaching with Aggie and Team


Here's what is ALSO included in C2C:
By joining today, you'll also receive instant access to these ADDITIONAL bonuses.


5K Sales Accelerator

Easy-to-implement business activities that will help increase short-term cash flow while you work on those long-term legacy goals. Inject an extra 5k into your business within a month of joining C2C to build momentum and ensure that you stay the course to grow an iconic beauty brand.


High Productivity Bundle

This high-performance kit was something I built for myself in order to effectively utilize my time as a business owner and mom so that I wasn’t working 60-hour weeks that lead to burn out.

It includes: 
– Goal Mapping Worksheet to go into the holiday season and 2024 with clear milestones and how to achieve them. 
– Low-value and High-value Activity Checklist to know what to delegate and what tasks to focus on that move the needle forward faster and more efficiently. 
– End of Day Review – a worksheet to fill out at the end of the day in order to assess progress and where there’s room for improvement. 
– C2C Vision Casting – mapping the 5-10 year goal and reverse engineering it. 
– Weekly Review – Decide what worked, what didn’t and what can you improve next week. 
 Expanding Your Comfort Zone – an exercise to help move you from business activities that are super safe to ones that feel like a stretch but will expand revenue. 


How to Get Your Brand Into Your First 20 Retail Stores Without a Sales Rep

A lot of brand founders want to expand into retailers but find the whole process daunting or just don’t know how. This 14-page guidebook helps you identify the revenue-driving retailers that fit your target market, how to contact buyers and make a great first impression, and close those first 20 retailers without having to hire outside help, vend at expensive trade shows or list your products on platforms like RangeMe or Faire.

This is for you if....

We've created two tracks inside C2C so that we can meet you exactly where you are—we provide customized guidance to where you are in your journey, yet you still get the benefit of learning from the other track as well (if you choose).

Track 1: Pre-launch Brands

You’re still in the product development stage or about to launch and need a step-by-step process to build the foundations out correctly and set yourself up for momentum right out of the gate. 

Track 2: Established Brands

Sales are coming in but you’re looking to make them more consistent, as well as expand that consistency to multiple sales channels in order to reach steady 5-figure months. 

*There are only 30 spots available so that we can give each student the focused attention they need to make their brand a stand-out success

- We kick off October 16th -

1 x 1 Private Strategy Session (45 mins) with Aggie when you book a call by September 22nd and sign up. (Limited to 12 spots)

During the first week, every student is given an Accountability Quad so your new friends can cheer you on (or hold you to your word) when life gets in the way.

Typically, we aim for 3-4 beauty brand founders to an Accountability Quad.

I say typically because groups are created strategically. Meaning you’ll likely be with entrepreneurs who are at the same stage in their business.

More accountability means bigger & better results

Have questions? Need something broken down to a more granular level? You’ll never feel like you have to figure it out alone when you have your support group by your side. 

cult to conventional status graduate

Working with Aggie was a surreal experience... A light bulb would go off in every session we worked together.

“Prior to [C2C], I felt lost and disconnected with my brand. I struggled to understand who my target customer was and how to communicate with them.

Working with Aggie was a surreal experience… A lightbulb would go off in every session we worked together.

I would say that the greatest outcome that came from working with Aggie is clarity and a deeper understanding of how to connect with customers.

Anyone that struggles to find their brand voice or has zero clue when it comes to building a brand with substance, you’ll want to work with Aggie.”

—Kristen Heaton, Founder of Crave Naturals

Coming to C2C was a breath of fresh air. Aggie helped me look at the bigger picture instead of obsessing over the little things.

“It was really relaxing to know that I’m not alone- every one of the brand owners had their own struggles. It was really nice to have the camaraderie and the friendship. And each one of us had our own strengths—in packaging, websites, [etc], and everyone had their own exchange.

Before my branding was too science-y. Now people can relate and understand.

Coming to C2C was a breath of fresh air. Aggie helped me look at the bigger picture instead of obsessing over the little things.”

—Ebru Karpuzoglu, founder of AveSeena

Kat Duff Glotanicals

Working with [Aggie] helped me pull my story together into a brand strategy.

“I didn’t know how to pull all those things together, and I didn’t really know how to get where I wanted to go.

That was the main thing that was driving me crazy. I was like, okay, I can create a product on social media, but what’s next? It’s not just about followers, it’s about finding your people and your tribe.

I’m really working on building that community- that’s the number one goal. My number two goal is to continue maturing the business by expanding the product line and getting some retail partnerships. [With C2C], I laid out those steps to get there.”

—Kathleen Duff, founder of Glotanicals

Aggie has so many resources. Even with my website developer, I'm using someone that Aggie recommended.

“Taking the course was great for a lot of reasons like knowing how to find your target customer, but also because Aggie has so many resources. And even with my website developer, I’m using someone that Aggie recommended. So you get so many resources.

I think for somebody who is just starting out building their brand or for somebody who is thinking about doing a rebrand, you can know how to have a perfect launch.”

—Jemila Alharazim, Founder of Ocean Olive

"Okay. This sounds amazing, but I'm so crunched for time..."

As a NYC mom who juggles raising two kids, running a business, being a publicist, and clocking flight hours to get my pilot’s license, I know your time is limited.

Which is why I’m here to bring the hugs and the tough love.

Hugs first:
I designed C2C to be as streamlined and no-fluff as possible. So if you don’t have tons of time to spare, this program is for you.

Now for the tough love:
If you don’t prioritize working on your business, you’ll stay stuck daydreaming about your big-box store breakout instead of living it.

Everything in this program is strategically included to help you move the needle forward in your business.

And with just 4 hours a week learning and implementing, your business is bound to go BOOM.

You CAN lay the foundation for a cult-status beauty brand.

Will it be hard work? Absolutely.

But with the tools, templates, and support in C2C, your cult-status brand is closer than you think.

You with me?

gender neutral beauty trend

Join risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Inside C2C, you’ll get clear on your brand vision, mission, and values.

One of my values? Creating spaces that lift up my students and get them real results.

Which is why you’re welcome to hop into Conventional to Cult Status for a full four weeks to try it out for yourself.

If it doesn’t feel like the place for you within 30 days of your purchase, simply submit your homework and we’ll refund you in full.

Nancy rimbergas, c2c

3 days into March surpassed December's holiday sales and beat EVERY month of last year.

“I couldn’t have created a program that was more exactly what I wanted to do than what you presented. In doing the five day challenge, it was the most valuable time I had ever spent, especially at such a low entry point in terms of cost and time. And I was like, if this is what I get in five days, where do I sign up? I’m ready. And it was just time to invest in myself in the business and that’s where I landed. 

Probably the biggest thing that has made a difference is breaking through those limiting beliefs and believing that I can make this something big and show up differently. Those are the things that are going to pay dividends in the long run. 

In November and December, though doing all the planning and programming and communication, we were up like 30% in November and then December we doubled our sales. So that was real tangible and very, very exciting for us. 

As of March 3rd, the brand has matched 2022 Q1 and Q2 sales.”

—Nancy Rimbergas, founder of Earth Based Body.

Jenepher Reynolds, conventional to cult status graduate

In four or five hours I quadrupled what I make on a daily average!

“[During C2C], Aggie helped me see how I was incongruent with my customer and she helped me clarify who I wanted to serve and how I could serve them. And that was absolutely massive. 

The Black Friday event I held, I decided to do an in-shop event and in this four or five hours I quadrupled what I make on a daily average! 

After joining C2C, I feel like I have a ton of confidence. I’m a big believe in the expression, ‘how you do anything is how you do everything and in joining C2C to move my business forward, I had to move myself forward. I had to show up, I had to be seen, I had to speak up and so that has brought me more confidence. 

I am more confident in engaging in exchanges or energy or conversations.”

—Jenepher Reynolds, founder of About Face

The program far exceeded my expectations with all the resources and contacts that were shared.

“The value inside C2C is tremendous. It would have taken me so much more time to make the progress on my own.

The program far exceeded my expectations with all the resources and contacts that were shared. The C2C Hot Seats were amazing! Not only did I have the opportunity to have Aggie weigh in on my projects, but I received feedback from my peers.

I was able to improve the content of the website, better understand negotiating retail opportunities, increase sales, further define the target customer and speak to them.

I was also able to close a deal with my first retail partner… we are thrilled to be there and so thankful for all I learned C2C.”

—Katie Hall, Founder of St. James Well

Aggie immediately understood our needs and was able to translate our brand positioning into the right words that resonate with our customers.

“The best thing that can happen to a first time brand founder is to hear “Oh my goodness you’re so well prepared” when you start a conversation with retail partners or journalists.

And I was so thrilled to hear that from my retail partners today! The peace of mind is priceless. Working with Aggie is a real pleasure, she delivers on time and will use all her experience as an editor to help you build content that women want to read.”

—Marta Pichlak-Miarka, Co-Founder of Carbonnique​

Andra Maddox Zia

I probably would have had to piecemeal together a lot of things from different programs if I didn't have this comprehensive foundation.

“I was so happy when I found [Aggie] and heard about C2C. I was in a really hard place trying to navigate how to move forward in the most effective way.

I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that my brand was resonating with people. I knew I had an amazing product and it was helping people because I would get feedback, but I was like, how do I translate that to a broader audience?

I liked having accountability partners to talk to every week, and to see these people going through this same process and the same challenges, struggles, work-life balances, and maintaining relationships [while launching a brand]. That’s been huge.”

—Andra Maddox, founder of Zia Botanics

Those skills I learned in C2C will always be able to be repurposed. You're learning something foundational and you can never put a price tag on that.

“I was missing the mark. I had no concept that there was even a nurturing strategy there, and the psychology of why we’re even creating this.

Everything we learned will stand the test of time. These are real knowledgeable systems you can always come back to…they’re tried and true they can work for different launches.

They’re not quick hacks, they’re actual foundational pieces of strategy.”

—Ava Ghiotti, Co-Founder of Merchants of Beauty

media workshop success

We got 4,000 new email subscribers in four weeks.

“For each of our projects, we were able to meet our goals for new subscribers and engagement. We got 4,000 new subscribers within four weeks as a result of Aggie’s efforts.

She has an extensive network and was also able to connect us with useful contacts in other fields. On top of that, she’s a delight to work with.”

—Katherine L’Heureux, Founder of Kahina Giving Beauty

The Truth?

Conventional to Cult Status isn't for everyone

If your application is approved, you’ll join a group of founders who are just like you—driven entrepreneurs dedicated to building showstopping brands that are ready for the spotlight.

C2C is perfect for you if...

It might not be the best fit if...

Think C2C is the place for you?

Legacy brands in the making don't hit snooze.

Get the entire Conventional to Cult Status™ program – including all strategies, checklists and bonus. It’s time to take needle-moving actions and step into the successful entrepreneur you were always meant to be.

Applications close October 2nd at 11:59 pm Eastern

How To Apply

Step 01 //

Apply for our Fall cohort with the link below.

Step 02 //

You’ll book in your C2C discovery call with Aggie directly. This call will allow us to assess if we’re a good fit and discuss next steps.

Step 03 //

Once you sign up, you’ll be invited into our private Facebook Group for members and will get access to our training platform. You’ll be an official part of the C2C community!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a hunch C2C is for you but you’re not sure, fill out an application anyway.

It’s a risk-free process and I’ll give you my honest opinion on whether you’re ready for C2C or not. If it isn’t the best fit right now, I’ll help you figure out what is.

Conventional to Cult Status is a multi-four-figure investment. And, honestly, it’s a steal at its current price.

When I created C2C, I wanted it to be a no-brainer decision for beauty brand founders ready to get serious about achieving cult-status. So the program is jam-packed with everything you need to kick your brand up a notch.

And, yep. I’ve tried and tested all the strategies inside my own brand and hundreds of other brands too.

All of that to say, when you join a program that’s designed to get your results, the ROI will always be worth it. (And that’s coming from someone who regularly spends tens of thousands of dollars in expanding my expertise.)

Interested in payment options? Fill out an application and we’ll hop on a call to discuss our options if we’re a good fit!

Students usually see the fastest growth in C2C if they’re post-launch or close to launching for logical reasons, they already have something to sell! 

However, if you’re in the pre-launch phase, you should absolutely still apply. You’re laying the foundations of your business and what better way to do that than having the opportunity to get them right the first time. 

Here’s how it will help you pre-launch: 

  • Craft a Stellar Go-to-Market Strategy: We help you blueprint a comprehensive and potent strategy, setting the stage for where and how you’ll be selling your products.
  • Navigate Your Launch with Confidence: Arm yourself with insights from those who’ve been there, done that, ensuring your path is clear of common launch hurdles.
  • Budget with Brilliance: Learn to strategically allocate your funds for maximum impact and stability.
  • Refine All the Brand Identity Pieces: get your website and messaging ready, build an email listen (so you launch to your people not to crickets), and start building that engagement.

And, if I’m honest, lots of the material in C2C will probably save you buckets of time and money since you’ll dial in your iconic brand foundations without making costly mistakes first.

Plus, you’ll be able to learn from other students who are a few steps ahead of you—which is a great way to slash the learning curve.

All of that to say, pre-launch founders are welcome to apply. I’ll let you know if C2C is your next right move.


We’ve had many students approaching six figures or even at mutli-six figures join C2C and have their best growth period in their business in a while. 

Why? Because we focus on long-game plays that help build, refine and scale brands, not just sell products. 

That could mean assessing if your target customer you initially launched with is still the same or did your target customer (and the brand) evolve with time? 

That could mean taking an Amazon-only brand and building it into a real brand in order to ward off copy-cats and make it easier to be acquired. 

That could also mean expanding into an entirely new stream of revenue that you don’t have much experience with. 

All of that to say, experienced founders are welcome to apply. I’ll let you know if C2C is your next right move.

And if you still feel like you’re further down the road, you can consider applying to our Beauty Brand Mastermind, reserved for six-figure brands scaling to seven. 

The program begins on October 16th, 2023, and runs for 16 weeks.

C2C won’t be open again until sometime in 2024. So if you’ve got your eye on a spot, it’s best to apply now rather than wait 6+ months for doors to open again.

Ah, excellent question. I’ve got a few things for you.

First, C2C is completely live and high-touch. What does that mean for you? You’re getting weekly live support from Aggie and her team and because of the small group setting, you’re getting personalized attention as well. 

Second, C2C is a program that focuses on elevating your brand. Why? Because having a knock-out brand is the #1 way to stand out in a crowded beauty market.

Too many brands focus on product development or paid PR or launching new thing after new thing, desperate for some recognition. And, yes, those things have their place in business…

But at the end of the day, whether you’re in this to build a legacy, grow to multi-6 figs a year, or negotiate an 8-figure exit—it’s your brand that’s going to get you there.

Everything we do inside C2C is to implement solid iconic brand foundations so your beauty, health or wellness brand is ready to take the world by storm and reach that first six figures. 

Building brand vs. selling product means we’re also implementing a lot of long game plays to help you have a successful business now, but also years into the future. No quick-fix, duct-tape, hacks over here that grow your brand fast in one year only to see it go extinct in the next. That’s not what we’re about. 

Third, we are a people-first program. That means you will never feel like you can’t ask a question because you’re on a Zoom call with 3,000 other students. We cap enrollment at 30 students to make sure you get the time and attention you need.

And fourth, C2C is about implementation. We have Copy Jams to submit your messaging for review, Put It Into Action Sessions for head-down work sprints, and Live Hot Seats (coaching calls) for honest feedback. Our goal is to have you doing. ‘Cause that’s where the magic happens.

Oh, and one more thing. C2C is the culmination of everything I’ve learned after spending 16+ years in the beauty industry building iconic brands. There are no questions that are off-limits and (virtually) no problem I haven’t encountered before.

In other words, inside C2C you’ll have a beauty-brand-obsessed industry veteran and other beauty industry experts in your back pocket.

If you haven’t achieved 200K in annual revenue, I strongly advise you NOT to hire a publicist.

Here’s why: If you haven’t yet hit that mark and you’re still dealing with a roller-coaster, up-and-down sales, it tells me that you need stronger business brand foundations.

When you hire out PR too early, you either end up with limited placements or the placements that you do get — even if they’re in great outlets like Allure or Refinery29 — don’t actually convert into brand growth.

You’ll be stuck wondering why the articles and mentions aren’t driving traffic to your website. And you’ll be out time and money that could have been better invested elsewhere.

Yes. If you feel like C2C isn’t the place for you within 30 days of purchase, simply submit your completed homework and we’ll refund you in full.

When you apply for C2C, your application comes straight to my inbox. I personally review it and let you know if we’re a match.

Then, I’ll send you a link to my calendar so we can hop on a call and get on the same page about the program, your goals, and what to expect over the next 16 weeks as we work together.

After our call, I’ll walk you through the enrollment process, and viola! You’ll have instant access to the first three modules so you can dial in your brand values and refine your brand story even before we officially kick things off as a group on October 16th. 

We created two tracks, Track 1, a pre-launch brands track and Track 2, an established brands track in order to personalize our feedback and strategy guidance even further and so that you could be amongst other founders who are at a similar stage in business as you. 

Both tracks still get access to all the same modules, templates, masterclasses, but in our live coaching calls, we’re able to meet you where you’re at. 

The extra benefit to this? You still get to join in on the coaching calls for the other track and listen in to those who may be a few steps ahead or revisit foundational  concepts you may need a reminder of. 

You’ll never feel like you’re being held back or that overwhelmed that concepts are going over your head. 

Anything that falls under the category of “beauty” in a retailer is what we work with. That includes skincare, makeup, haircare, body care, lashes, soaps, candles, fragrances, tools, etc. We also work with beauty-adjacent categories like wellness (ingestibles, wellness teas, cbd, diffusers, etc.) and health (supplements, gut support, etc.) 

We have successfully worked with all of these categories. 

Amanda Horn Loless Beauty

The accountability that I got and the structure was everything that I needed to keep me moving forward

“Before C2C I was very much still in the ideation phase. I was really in that research phase, what is this brand? Who is my customer? I know it’s a version of myself, um, but there’s so many more questions that started to spill out of that.

The thing that I’m most proud of is the clarity that I was able to get by following through all of the modules and everything that I needed to do in order.

As such a creative chaotic person on a regular basis, um, I appear very organized, but then I get sidetracked and wanting to do all of the things all at once.

one taking it from just being an idea or a concept to an actual product”

—Amanda Horn, Founder of Loless Beauty

Mandi Duong beauty brand accelerator grad

[Conventional to Cult Status] is by far the best investment that I have made in my business

“Before C2C, I had in my head what I was trying to do, but I couldn’t get it out into words. So it was kind of all over the place.

Being able to share my message with confidence and know exactly what I’m gonna say and how to deliver that has been huge.

I needed guidance and that kind of like little nudge to really get through.

Honestly I wouldn’t be who I am as a person or where I am with my business [without C2C].

It’s by far the best investment that I have made in my business. And I have invested it in coaches and classes. Nothing was as specific as C2C was.”

—Mandi Duong, Founder of Blyssen

I came out of C2C being able to finish my entire brand strategy!

“When I started C2C, I had a style guide, initial logo, colors, you know, those foundational brand elements, but that pretty much was it. I didn’t really, really do any work just yet.

I think for me the whole, I was kind of going through analysis paralysis a little bit. I needed something to push me to start. And that’s what CDC did for me. It gave me kind of like that accountability point that I needed.

Finding that unique positioning that’s gonna cut through the noise and taking a more like strategic and scientific approach to it. That gave me more confidence to speak about what Francis Marie is all about. Even just my little 3-second elevator pitch… I wouldn’t have been able to do that four months ago.”

—Tiffany Scott, Founder of Francis Marie

I’ve done a lot of training to build this business and [C2C] was the best because of the community.

“I’m feeling so enriched by the community because you can read books and do modules where there isn’t that kind community support. To me the community support was critical because I’ve done a lot of training to build this business. And this was the best because of that community piece and the kind of weekly touch points.

And I’ve really been holding onto this idea of starting to really discover what in the business energizes me versus drains me and then systematizing the draining pieces and delegating those.”

—Maria Wodzinska, Founder of Stoic Beauty

Now people reach out to me! A blogger, a supplier, an online retailer…

“When I reached out to Aggie, I was really afraid that my brand would fall flat. That it was too bland or not very attractive.

Now people reach out to me to do blog posts, a supplier, an online retailer.

Nothing happens in one day. Mm-But if you put in the time and have the step by step, you can build [the brand you want].”

—Anne Laure, Founder of Valixyr

I realized two things. One was I was farther away from defining my brand identity that I thought I was. And two was I needed to work with Aggie.

“I knew that I wanted to find a little bit more guidance, but I had worked on things a lot for a couple years. I had specifically been working on my brand mission for all 2020.

But I felt like I just kept hitting some roadblocks and just felt like I needed a little bit more guidance.

Doing Aggie’s free challenge I realized two things. One was, I was way farther away from defining my brand identity than I realized.

And two was that Aggie is a badass and I really needed to work with her.

Now I feel so much more confident in who I’m messaging to and who my people are. It feels really good to know where I’m headed.”

—Anna Russel, Founder of The Rivery

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