What’s The Most Important Stage of Scaling Your Beauty Brand?

As you grow to a certain level of business and are at the point of scaling your beauty brand, you might realize pretty quickly that you can’t do it all yourself (nor do you want to).

At this point, you already have the proof of concept (repeat customers) and skin the game (investment in your product development and inventory), and because time is finite, you’re starting to see that your time (and how you spend it) is your most valuable asset.

If you’re at or approaching the six-figure mark, it’s time to stop trying to do everything yourself. You must start delegating a whole lot more if you want your business to grow. Your limited schedule won’t allow you to hold onto the product, marketing, and selling work AND scale your business.

Entrepreneurship demands us to be forward-thinking not reactionary.

What that means is, you need to be hiring for 6-12 months from now so you can step into YOUR next level of entrepreneurship versus waiting to hire until you’re desperate and rushing the process and hiring the wrong people.

From a strategic standpoint, support may look like this:

  • Hiring someone to ship out your orders once a week at the $5k/month stage.
  • Hiring a social media and executive assistant at the $10k/month stage.
  • Outsourcing your manufacturing, filling or shipping to a 3PL at the $15k/month stage.
  • Bringing on your first full-time hire at the 20k/month stage.
  • A second and third full-time hire may look like an operations or marketing manager and a CFO.

Read more about what it takes to increase sales as a scaling business here. (Spoiler: it’s not about more transactions or POs).

On an emotional level, support may look like this:

  • Finding other colleagues and peers in your industry to navigate the highs and lows with.
  • Having conversations you NEED to have with people that actually get it. In many cases, it could be other founders who are going through similar emotional and strategic decisions and can relate to the sometimes *tricky* experiences you have inside your business.

scaling your beauty brand

Because let’s face it, as you scale your business, it can get a bit lonely and confusing at the top. And the majority of friends and family just don’t get it.

Having a built-in support system is the difference between trying to muscle your way to the next stage of business, spinning your wheels, trying, stopping, freezing, almost, almost giving up, burning out in the process, and then starting all over again versus hitting a roadblock and turning to a peer to problem-solve, knowing they’ve had a similar experience with their business.

How to Scale Your Beauty Brand with Support 

At this stage of business, it’s no longer just about the foundationary how-to’s—how to set up email funnels, or a content marketing calendar, or influencer marketing.

You know all that. It’s about asking and answering questions like:

  1. How do I get out of the weeds and become the CEO of my business and actually build a legacy brand?
  2. Who should I hire next to help me? How can I make the hiring and training process easier, and more streamlined?
  3. Is it time to rent a warehouse or hire a 3PL?
  4. How does my mindset (and limiting beliefs) impact the growth of my business? What mindset shifts do I need to make in order to move things forward?
  5. How can I continue to remove myself as the bottleneck of my business?
  6. What does 2023 hold for me and my business? How can I start leveraging my business to support my personal goals?
  7. How do I tackle imposter syndrome that’s trying to keep me inside my comfort zone?

scaling your beauty brand with support

No matter how big your revenue goals are for 2023, to step into the next level of your beauty brand and bring your legacy dreams to life, you need support:

  • support that will help you keep your vision aligned with all the opportunities and challenges that are thrown your way.
  • support that will give you the “how to” of scaling your business to multiple 6-and-7 figures, without working more.
  • support to keep you focused on your purpose, the big goals you’re working towards and how the small, daily steps you’re taking are going to get you there.

The Next Level Beauty Entrepreneurism Community You Need to Know About

To step into your next level and unleash your power in a way the world has never seen before, you need the support of more than one coach—

You need the connection, community and inspiration that comes from being among driven, ambitious founders who are calling in their next level…

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xx, Aggie

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The Most Important Stage of Scaling Your Beauty Brand

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